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Sensory Weighted Blankets Compared

Sensory weighted blankets, lap mats, vests, jackets, stuffed animals and more have proven evidence to make dramatic differences in helping a wide variety of diagnosis including: autism, ADHD, SPD & asperger's (last two not official DSM diagnosis now that ASD is a spectrum disorder), mental illness, Alzheimer's, pain reduction and management, cognition, memory, and more. But not all weighted solutions- whether manufactured, handmade or DIY are created the same. Companies use different fillings for the weight, different external materials, may or may not follow suggestions from the AOTA (American Occupational Therapy Association) of weight to size of patient/user and more. We haven't tried these products, this list tries to show the different places where you can purchase weighted materials and how they create them, the general price range and other comparisons you can use when selecting. We've also included DIY tutorials for the kind of materials they suggest.

Unless otherwise noted (like products that are only for the lap or in animals, clothing, etc), the prices and information we have given are based on 38"x60" blankets at about 10 lbs of filling.

These is a store and brand specific list. Many of them are handmade, even large companies that are using U.S. seamstresses. We also went for showing you different options in construction, focus of the companies, materials, weighting, etc. If you select what kind of filler, material and construction you like, some of these are available by hand by hundreds of seamstresses who specialize in weighted materials on and other sites. If you are a creator, seamstress, seller, manufacturer of weighted blankets (or other sensory items) please contact Gail directly about being listed free in our upcoming and much requested sensory marketplace! For a DIYer, check out our list on DIY sensory weighted blankets and related products!

Ahhhsome Blankets

As you will see with the examples and detail we have been providing, there are vast differences in how weighted blankets are made. This handmade maker creates them completely differently than most others, and provides information on how the methods used by others on the list could be dangerous or harmful. In the end, it's both a personal decision from materials to thickness and also to do research and decide which of the many options appears to have the most support. Certainly this site has a tremendous amount of information about what goes into the making of their weighted blankets and why.

For fillers Ahhhsome Blankets uses bpa free PET high-temp pellets
You can read that she has not only high customer satisfaction, but a lot of support from professionals including occupational therapists and others in healthcare for her design of the blankets.

You can also see the gallery of how beautiful and detailed the workmanship looks up close in photos:

Ahhhsome Blankets also has a very large selection of all high quality material to select from. Here is just the large number of minky bubble material for example:

The costs vary a lot because every one of the blankets is very custom. Not under the custom orders (which would give you more choices), just in the drop downs- here are examples of choices for a 36" x 60" :

Basic: $119.95 for five lbs
Add to make 10 lbs: $ 25
Side One Any of the cotton materials are included- this includes batiks, characters from Marvel or Disney etc, character, sports from all the major leagues, etc
silky material instead- add $15
Side Two Included is any of the cotton co-ordinating materials
Or, you can get another special material for $15 including: silky, plush, bubble, or swirl fur
Then if you want You can get a whole layer around the blanket of a boarder (and you can see from the photos how beautiful they are) for $20
No tags As many who benefit from weighted blankets have difficulty with sensory, tags can be hard, so Ahhhsome Blankets offers to have the recipients name embroidered on- for $20

So based on your choices, the same size can be $119 or $209....

Of all the ones on the list so far, each blanket truly is a custom piece!

Beyond Play

Beyond Play offers one weighted blanket.

Fabric: The fabric is "plush nylon, with a latex free, rubberized core, perforated so that it is a breathable material."

Weighting and Construction:
This blanket is designed to be used with weight sets and other sensory items. Channels run diagonally along the length of the blanket to hold the weights. The weights fit into the channels and snap into place. Blankets come with a guide wire to push the weights into the channels. Other sensory items can be attached to the plush blanket with a "hook" type piece of Velcro (not included)

Care and specifics:
Soft, comfortable, flame retardant, and machine washable (remove weights before washing). Colors vary. Weights are sold separately to allow choice of the correct weight for the user. Use only with direction or advice of a therapist and always under adult supervision.

Pricing with size:
The largest, closest size for comparison is: Medium Blanket. 4'W x 6'L (weights sold separately) $109.95

10 lb weight set is $66.95 and that's the heaviest individual set sold
Total price with shipping in the U.S. (drop shipped) is $203.44

It says colors vary, but the checkout doesn't offer different color options. This appears to be the same blanket sold by Fun and Function though this photo is a grey.

Creature Commforts Weighted Blanket

For yet another completely new way of creating a weighted sensory blanket, enter Creature Commforts weighted blankets billed by The Autism Community Store as "the most comfortable weighted blankets available for the price. The super soft cuddle fabric and evenly distributed weight provide calming sensory input to the out of sync child with autism, ADHD or SPD."

These weighted blankets are handmade in Colorado using organic millet (birdseed). The weight for the weighted blankets is evenly distributed in 5" squares, much the way a down comforter is made. The removable cover is made of very soft, minke cuddle fabric. One side is blue with dimples, for tactile sensory input, while the other is smooth. The blanket is washable - the cover is made of 100% polyester and is machine washable and dryable. We recommend handwashing and line-drying the 100% cotton, millet-filed inner liner. It is important to dry thoroughly.

Weighted blankets should never be used as a restraint - it is important that the user can always remove a weighted blanket on their own if desired.

Many Occupational Therapists recommend a weighted blanket to be 10% of body weight plus one pound - this is a starting point, other variables should be considered when determining the right weight for each individual.

The closest size we could get to the comparison size we've been using is actually 35" x 50" and there is a considerable increase in price to get to the ten lbs. At 6 lbs it's $109.99 but at the next level, 12 lbs, it's $144.99

Creature Comforts is also for sale on Amazon. Every one of the ratings is a full five star- regardless of the material or weight!

Fun and Function's Own Brand of Thin Poly Weighted Blanket with steel shot pellet filling

A massive sensory store, Fun and Function has developed over the years their own lines of products, with therapist input, only available through Fun and Function.

Their answer to a sensory weighted blanket is a completely different solution than others we have seen.

It is quite thin because the blanket is made from soft polyester blend with small steel shot pellets spread evenly throughout the blanket. So this means that it is very portable, and can also double up for extra heavy lap pads or other functions. They also sell them in sets of three because you can layer them on each other since they are so thin and portable, and also put one or more into a duvet cover.

While they have different sizes and weights we are comparing the 39" x 75" size which weighs ten lbs. This is $129.99

For weighted blankets, go to Fun and Function because this is the style and quality that you want. This is made very different from almost all of the others on the market by far. That said, you don't go to fun and function because you want a selection of colors, fabrics, or other outer looks. Almost all of the options are the same blue with green trim, and they have some sleeping bags, one large enough for a large bed, a zebra print and a character print. But the mainstay is this poly blue with green trim- but again, look at the close-ups and you will see that if you want a thin style made with the metal pellets spread evenly- this is the blanket of your choice.

Hand wash in cold water

From Fun and Function:

For kids who sleepwalk, are active nightcrawlers or have trouble settling down to sleep, our Weighted Blanket does just the trick. The blanket provides a soothing “hug” for restful sleep and stimulates touch receptors to induce calm—giving kids a nice, firm feel when they lay under it. Plus, the blanket is not too hot and the weight is evenly distributed throughout (so no bunching).
Blankets can be stacked to increase total weight
Provides a grounding effect for children with autism, ADHD and sensory integration disorder
Made in the USA by Fun and Function
Age 3+
Ideas for Use
It’s not only great for sleeping. The Weighted Blanket can also be used to promote relaxation and sensory organization during the day. Place it in the reading corner or play area for use during rest time or calm-down time. Fold in half and use as a lap pad for a compact effect, or wrap around a child’s body for full-body effect. Use weighted products with guidance from a therapist. Adult supervision recommended. Never place in crib with an infant.

Mosaic Weighted Blankets®

Mosaic weighted blankets has the largest selection of weighted everything I have seen anywhere.

Product Types

  • weighted blankets in cotton fabrics and plaids for girls, boys, teen girls, teen boys, adult women, adult men, couples,- basically choose your fabric and your size
  • wraps and lap pads
  • antimicrobial blankets,
  • covers -weighted vests
  • featherweight blankets for seniors- unlike the other blankets that follow the occupational therapy guidelines of 5-10% of body weight and so have 2-12 pounds of filling, the featherweight are made full size at 36"x42" in a total of only 3-5 pounds ** How they are made**
  • Mosaic runs a commercial facility of seamstresses in Austin Texas, so all materials are made in the U.S. and handmade
  • All of the blankets are made with 100% non toxic commercial grade poly pellets
  • They are machine washable and air/low heat dryer dry up to 12 lbs
  • Custom made to order are shipped in 2 weeks in which you select your fabric, size and any other details
  • The pre-made, in stock products are shipped in 2-3 business days
  • The provide a suggested weight chart

You select the material, size, weight for custom orders- and you can even order them for queen or king size.

The site provides a lot of information on the uses, benefits, diagnosis/disorders and more connected to sensory and weighted blankets and other materials.

A 38" x 60" runs about $115 in cotton fabric and $165 in a minky fabric with 10 pounds of pellets (about 110 pound user).

Multiple Weighted Blankets Compared- Stores include , ,

Sensory Craver, either through branding or purchase, upon close inspection, was obviously a weighted blanket company called Sensory Critters' weighted blankets have been available worldwide since 2005. They do now have 25 different categories, but all told, it comes to under 150 products in all of those categories. What is interesting for this list is that they manufacture a number of weighted blankets that are made with different fillings, material and construction. These Sensory Critters blankets are then sold at their home of and at the Snoezelen company and distributor and and others online, and likely in stores.

The Sensory Critters' brand construction says it is the only of its' kind in the world- the plaid, the cotton print, and the vinyl are construction by sewing in a weighted cotton fabric inside of the exterior- no poly fill or metal balls or weights or weighted packages, no pockets or measured out filling- it's all a totally even weight distribution via the cotton weighted material.

Here is the comparison:

The list goes from the lower left corner, across the lower line of photos and then up to end at the blue blanket.

** Bold Primary Colors in Pieced Top Weighted Blanket:** (this is the lower left corner around the girl)

  • Size: Twin Blanket: 50" x 85" at Sensory Critters, 50" x 75" at Flag House
  • Price: at time of research: $245 at sensory craver, 279 at Flag House
  • Weight: 10-13 lbs at Sensory Critters, 8-10 lbs at Flaghouse
  • Weight Filling: The weight comes from a heavy duty cotton weight that is sewn directly into the actual blanket with triple stitching and is not removable and has no metal.
  • Construction: The same as the cotton pattern and vinyl, this inside heavy duty weighted cotton filling is sewn into the exterior. .
  • Exterior Material: Primary Colored pieced quilted Top with a solid fabric back -Shipping time- 4-8 days from 3 weeks via Flaghouse

Sensory Critters Large Washable Ball Blanket: This beige blanket photos is popular around the web.

  • Size: 70" x 55"
  • Price: at time of research: $479 at sensory craver, $399 at Flag House
  • Weight: 16-17 lbs depending on description section
  • Weight Filling: Hollow polyethylene balls that move as the users rolls within it, creating "pressure points that act as inhibitors to confusing sensory impulses" per
  • Construction: Ball are encased in a separate sack and removed for laundering.
  • Exterior Material: Machine washable microsuede cover with industrial strength touch fastener closures in multiple colors, but we only found this beige and couldn't find options on any of the sites for other material -Shipping time- 3 weeks from the manufacturer

Sensory Critters Patented Cotton Blanket- Shown in the Sea Life Blanket in the far lower right corner

  • Size: 75" x 50"
  • Price: at time of research: $175 at sensory craver, ($3 more dollars for the breast cancer awareness, with $10 going to research. $218 at Flag House
  • Weight: 8-10 lbs depending on description section and site.
  • Weight Filling: metal free
  • Construction: This is the only blanket we have found with this type of weighting construction. The weight comes from a heavy duty cotton weight that is sewn directly into the actual blanket with triple stitching and is not removable.
  • Exterior Material: "Quality material" per Sensory Critters who talk a lot about the prints selected which is on one side with a solid fabric (not shown) on the other, but nothing about the material. Flaghouse only says additionally that it's machine washable. While sea life with a navy blue backing that is shown seems to be the most popular and available, other prints that are available in this collection (you can select at SensoryCraver the full list) include: a jungle print with dark green backing, trains with dark green backing (currently available while supplies last), Navy Blue with a Dark Green Solid, Pastel Butterfly with Blue Backing, -Shipping time- 3 weeks from the manufacturer per Flaghouse.** 3-5 days** arrival after payment received from

Vinyl Weighted Blanket
(Shown as a blanket for agencies, healthcare facilities, group homes, etc- e.g. the "medical institutional version" offered by a number of the sites- most often in the jungle print shown.)

  • Size: 50" x 75" is the most widely available size, so that is what we are using.
  • Price: at time of research: $230 at sensory craver, $150 at
  • Weight: choose 5-20 lbs: Many weights (and different prices) at Today's Classroom, for consistency with the rest of this list, we are using the 10 lb weight, 9 lbs at Sensory Craver for the pricing. Shipping is calculated at checkout. Weight Filling: Heavy duty cotton weight
  • Construction: The cotton weight is sewn inside of the vinyl exterior, in the same way as the cotton prints are. This is not a cover and is not washable, you can wipe it off at any time (recommended by the Teaching site to use Sanismater) but you may not wash the full blanket in a machine.
  • Exterior Material: Vinyl in the shown brown jungle print with a dark green backing, or a sea life comparable to the cotton version with a Blue Backing, at Today's Classroom it is also available in solid blue with a green back and solid tan with a green back. -Shipping time- 3 weeks from the manufacturer

Flaghouse Weighted Blankets with Weights Sets

Since we're comparing the same stores and often the same brands. Of note is the Flaghouse weighted blanket that is neither made by SensoryCritters, nor is it a Roompa product like their Snoezelen TM products. In fact, it appears that is is only available at Flaghouse, and it's also made very differently (we provided a close up so you could see the construction.)

  • Size and Price by Weight- Small (for comparison with the most we've provided in this piece)** 72" x 48"** $204 without weights, $122** for 10 lbs** of weights for a total of $326. Or you can get it all included with 8 lbs for $266. The large all included is $348 including a 15 lb weight set. The large is 8 feet x 4 feet. If you are a DIYer and you want to use the neoprene sheet laminated with fabric and filled with iron sands and make the blanket yourself, you can buy it in 15 lbs of weight for $153 and then make your own exterior and choice of construction to hold the weights.
  • Exterior Materials- "soft, comfortable and non flammable fabric!" those are the exact and only words provided to describe the material. The only picture we saw was in the blue, but the description says it comes in multiple colors.
  • Weight material: "A neoprene sheet laminated with fabric and filled with iron sands." Neoprene, invented by DuPont, is a synthetic rubber sold either as solid rubber or in latex form. It does not say on the website if their neoprene has latex, but it is laminated with fabric and filled with iron sands. Also, some neoprene is waterproof and the open-cell version which is not is breathable. (Ask if you want more information from Flaghouse.) Information in detail is provided at Wikipedia
  • Construction: Weights (sold separately or included) fit into the sewn channels you see to keep them in place and evenly distributed. The blanket includes a metal weight "puller" to help insert the weights in the channels.
  • Weight amount- The large with the weights set included is a total of 15 lbs
  • Care: Machine Washable.
  • Price- The large changes price with Weights. Of note:

Note: for the DIYer you can buy neoprene in many version, patterns, weights, etc. On amazon, for the closest and easiest comparison, we found a single sheet cut from a roll of 72" x 36" - it's only .06" thick for those looking for a thin blanket. With Our selection we chose 10 lbs as that's been our comparative benchmark. The total cost would be $46.80 for the full sheet. If you decide to go this way, there are many different options. The one we are quoting is by Rubber-Cal and can be found at Here they are selling it under commercial grade flooring material (for sensory rooms- this may be interesting as it goes up to at least 1" by this company on Amazon, but we're sure with the wide varieties to select from in neoprene you can find neoprene sheets at the thickness and weight you desire.

Sensory Critters Weighted Hoodie TM (not shown)

  • All of the sites have your typical selection of other weighted items like lap pads, vests and animals- but the hoodie is made only by Sensory Critters.
  • Size: Sensory Critters has an exclusive weighted hoodie in sizes from Child XSmall all the way through Adult 2XXLarge.
  • Construction: It's really a remarkable item in that it looks like any Hoodie that is widely popular in all ages and you can't tell it's a sensory clothing at all. It has a Zipper in the front and removable shoulde weights with specially designed pockets for extra weight. It appears that the rest of the weight is sewn in with the cotton filling like the patented Sensory Critters blankets (as shipping weight starts at 6 lbs including the 2lb weights for the pockets).
  • Price: It starts at $159 with 2 lb of weight in the child's x-small all the way up to $239 for the Adult 2 XX Large.
  • Material: Denim or Fleece in Black, Navy, Pink, or Yellow
Peace Weighted Products

Peace Weighted Blanket is another company that focuses almost entirely on weighted blankets and related items. Important note: They accept medicaid checks in addition to purchase orders and other forms of payment.

For comparison, a 38" x 70" at 10 lbs is $110 The sizes that they offer are for bed sizes to fit from a toddler bed to a full bed.

Features of the product and your experience:

The blankets are weighted with non-toxic poly beads, evenly distributed in pockets.
All blankets are made with 100% cotton unless otherwise noted in the descriptions. These fabrics are comparable to high quality bed sheets or better. All fabrics have been pre-washed/pre-shrunk prior to sewing.
Most of the prints are kids' patterns, and then there are various solid cottons.
Free Shipping via FedEx or Priority Mail.
All orders ship within 2 weeks.
All products are 100% washer/dryer safe
While they do special orders and materials, they are not able to sew stretchy fabrics…this means no minky, fleece or knits.

They also offer

  • Weighted Shirts
  • Neck Wraps
  • Laps Pads

24 plush animals that are made differently: *Weighted with aquarium gravel contained in bean bag pouches *so that if over time the weighted stuffed animal starts to wear out, the weight will not spill out. They are their only item that is not machine washable.

Salt of the Earth Weighted Gear

Salt of the Earth Weighted Gear specializes in hand-crafted custom weighted blankets and related items. Each blanket is custom built to your specification. You choose the size, weight and fabric. You also have the option of having the weight quilted into the body area and concentrated slightly to the upper center.

Construction: 4 layers of soft, flexible, breathable and "comfy" quality fabrics. The weight is quilted in place evenly throughout the blanket and won't shift or fall to the bottom.

Weighted Material. Salt of the Earth gives you the option of two kinds of weighted material. The first, fine grade stone, is the only company we've found so far that uses this as a weighting material. They use the most common measure which is 10% of body weight plus one lb and stress that you should talk with your occupational therapist about the weight before ordering.
Fine Grade Stone: Here is how the company describes it: "Painstakingly cleaned, fine grade river stone is smooth, safe and dust free. It is a much more concentrated weight than Polly beads and is therefore more effective for it's deep pressure effect. River stone is not sand and is not crushed stone. It is natural hard river stone and is not sharp or porous. It will not wear through any of the four layers of blanket fabrics. It can't mildew as long as the blanket is washed after a spill. In case of fire, it is 100% fire proof and cannot give off any toxic fumes. Not recommended for children who might chew the blanket."

Poly Beads As you can tell from throughout this piece, poly beads are the most common fill for weighted blankets. The SOTE company says this is because it's clean and safe. If you want a bulkier fill- it comes with poly beads. However, unlike other companies, SOTE recommends that you only use Polly bead if you need no more than 7 lbs of filling.


The company offers an enormous amount of sizes from a 20x24' to a 58"x75" They have lap pads, wraps and vests like most companies- but they also have pillow cases which is much more rare ($20.00 each, 1 for $35- no weight, just for matching)

For consistency in comparison, we are using the closest which is a 42" x 60" at 10 lbs you can only select stone fill and the price is $132.00 plus shipping- since polly stops at 7 lbs- but** you can get it evenly distributed throughout the entire blanket or more concentrated in the body area.** (though it's offered from 5-20 lbs, and the construction and filling that is offered varies by how much weight you want- so you can get both the stone and polly at 5 lbs but only for the whole body area, and on the other side if you want 20 lbs it can only be stone and only even around the entire blanket, in between at 7 lbs you can select from Even or Body Area only. )

Fabric: There are over a hundred if not hundreds of fabrics to choose from. Most are the same price except for some licensed prints that are $6-$12 more for the item. The fabrics are made with 100% cotton print top and two 100% cotton inner layers. The blanket backs are "quality" poly/cotton blend in a corresponding solid cover. They say they use this fabric for it's "smooth hand" There are 3 denims you can select.

Care: Machine Wash, Line Dry

Shipping: They have some that are ready made to size and just need the correct weight put in, those take five business days to prepare to ship, otherwise it's 3-4 weeks for delivery. At checkout with paypal it does an estimated shipping cost, which for a 10 lb in the contiguous US was $15.

They offered a nice bonus which we are just copying and pasting of "fine website related to autism" which are::
cure autism now
drive for rebecca
spectrum center
autism society -
autism resources
autism website
autism today
unlocking autism
future horizons-autism
exploring autism
autism connect
autism victoria
autism info *
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Sensa-Calm Creates Calming Blankets for Special Needs Customers

Sensa-Calm started by a grandmother of a child with Autism. She has now built the company into giving work to many contracted seamstresses around Chattanooga, TN. Each blanket is made to order from hundreds of fabrics and blessed and cared for with the thoughts of the recipient in mind.

Using the comparison size of 38" x 60" and 10 lbs of fill, the base price is $170 And note that each handmade blanket takes 10-14 days to construct before being shipped.

Extras include

  • snaps ($4.00)
  • soft minky fleece material in 18 colors as the underneath material that touches the body while sleeping ($20)
  • matching pillow case ($15)

Blanket material

All of the hundreds of blanket materials and colors are the same price. Categories of material include:

  • children and youth patterns
  • adult patterns
  • gallery fabrics (minky backs not available)
  • Supreme Solids

The Vastly Better "Medical" weighted blanket using Eco­Friendly PUL fabric by Eco­PULTM

Unlike the typical vinyl institutional weighted blankets, Sensa-Calm makes a gorgeous waterproof weighted blanket that's equally great news hospitals, clinics, and schools as it is for users who have issues with incontinence, spilling, gripping, or just being a bit clutzy with liquids in bed. The Eco Friendly PUL fabric doesn’t absorb liquid, you can wipe it off with a wet cloth, you can toss it in the wash and wash it in hot water in a commercial or home laundry, it resists abrasion, it’s fire retardant, and antimicrobial. All that combined gives you exactly what you would expect from a waterproof weighted blanket! The most important characteristic of Eco­PULTM is that it forms a waterproof barrier, while still being** breathable**. In this context, breathable does not mean that you can hold the fabric over your face and breathe through it. It means that the fabric releases heat and water vapor. This keeps the wearer comfortable. Our PUL fabric has a soft hand, making it quiet ­ never stiff or crackly.

  • PUL fabric by Eco­PULTM starts with lightweight polyester interlock (knit) fabric. The polyester fabric is paired with TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), a thin stretchy plastic film. These two components are bonded together into a single fabric using a combination of heat, pressure, and adhesive.
  • PUL fabric by Eco­PULTM is made with a “green” adhesive that is solvent­free, environmentally friendly, and releases no volatile organics. Some people have called this newer type of PUL “TPU.”
  • Eco­PULTM is made in the USA. 73% polyester 27% polyurethane. 153 gsm.

It is more costly for this, however, running about $249 for only the 10 lb medium size we've been comparing.

Another good news option though is that if you already have a weighted blanket, you can get a duvet cover that's waterproof for an adult bed for $130.

How they are constructed

  • The material is cut to size which includes: small, medium, large, full size bed or queen size bed
  • They are market and sewn into pockets in traditional quilting fashion
  • Each pocket is filled with equal amounts of a pre-measured portion of plastic pellets based on the total weight of the blanket surrounded by polyfill to finish the quilted look and feel
  • They are sewn closed or made with snaps to be able to wash separately
  • All of the materials are machine washable, including the waterproof version.

Uniquely available: Weighted Wraps

The perfect size to wrap around your shoulders or put around your neck like a scarf. A weighted wrap can be doubled and put on the lap as a lap pad. It also makes a perfect size lap blanket when laid across the lap. A wrap does not need to weigh as much as a blanket because the weight is concentrated into a smaller area. Because of size limitations, they do not contain polyfill, only poly-pellets. The smaller size makes it the perfect portable item for in the car, doctors appointments, school, etc. Everyone LOVES this item. Weighted wraps are popular with kids and the elderly. They can even be used as a stroller/car seat blanket for the very little ones.

Dimensions are (12” x 36”) for a 3lb Wrap for $39.95 and (18” x 36”) for a 5lb Wrap for 49.95 (add $20 to get in the eco-friendly waterproof materials)

A weighted lap pad is a portable size for school, the car, or even work. A lap pad helps soothe anxiety and the wiggles. Our lap pads are approximately 12″ x 18″ and weigh 2lbs for $29.95 in any material and $49.95 in the waterproof.

Also available

  • Weighted belts, vests and snakes
  • Chewies
  • Bean Bag Fidgets
  • Sensory Hand Muffs that give hands lots to do
  • Vibrating plush pillows
  • Safety gear including bracelets and a "find my child" remote

(They can also be bought on Amazon- though that may deflect from the money that goes to support the community....)

Sensory Calm Chain Weighted Blanket

Yet another completely different way of creating quality weighted blanket.

Weight Material: Chain Weights that is nickel free and not magnetic "Chain was chosen due the way it can form to body whilst giving compact weight for manoeuvrability and travel. Being chain meant that it could be made rust and allergen free and washable. The chain also gives tactile stimulation yet is still safe and hygienic to use. With no pellets, sand or rice it is even safe for the toughest situations."

Exterior material: Tervira fire retardant fabric - see more at

Construction: The chains are double stitched and bias bound inside of the tervira. They are thin and portable enough that they can fit into a slip cover. For those who want want for a queen size bed, the company recommends buying two and having a local tailor connect them with a zipper so they can still be portable for the individual. You can buy it yourself in 10 or 12 kg size with a center zip divider to create a two person bed blanket.

Size and weight to compare- 200 cm (about 78") x 150 cm (about 59") at 4 kg which equals the 10 lb standard we've been using would be $845 plus shipping for the adult chain weighted blanket.

Care: Machine washable in an included wash bag. A travel bag is also included.

Sizes: bed sizes: Bassinet, Cot, Single Bed

Sensory Goods offering Handmade Affordable Weighted Blankets including Organic Cotton and Glass Beads

Every Weighted Blanket at Sensory Goods is custom made by hand and, once ordered, is shipped the next business day! Sensory Goods specialty in weighted blankets has earned them national recognition As Seen On NBC's Parenthood and others for their weighted blankets, sensory weighted blanket, weighted vest, and weighted stuffed animals.

For filling, Sensory Goods offers two filling options,: Plastic Beads or Glass Beads, but do note that the store "highly recommends" the glass beads which only increase the cost by $5. The Weighted Blanket's weight is evenly distributed in a quilted material hidden within the material of your choice where no one can see. They are washer and dryer safe. They keep on hand over 1600 pattern color combinations!

First you pick your size. We've shown the medium 41" x 58" as it's closest to the average of the 40" x 60" that we're trying for to show comparisons within this list. Using the 10 lb average that we've been trying to stick to- that would cost $113.99 plus $5 if you want the highly recommended glass beads (which they say is a "refined sand like" feel, if you're getting it with a double patterns of two materials of your choice (yes, they are all reversible).

Sizes are:

  • Small: 30x48" in weights of 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 lbs as low as $56.99
  • Medium (shown above) 41" x 58" in weights of 8,9,10,11,12 and 13 lbs, starting at $98.99
  • Large are 43" x 72" and come in weights of 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 lbs. These start at $129.99
  • Extra large can fit several children, a parent and child, someone who is bariatric, or just a large bed or comfort area with dimensions of 60" x 80" and starting at $170.99.

Once you've picked your size, sticking with our use of the medium size for comparison to other brands, you have multiple choices on the material:

  1. One side is a trademarked pattern like Star Wars, Marvel Characters, Disney Characters, M&M's, Sponge Bob, etc. All of the trademarked patterns are cotton fleece except the Frozen Sisters and the Kylo Ren Star Wars which are flannel. The other side is one of any of 19 colors you select and will be the opposite material (so if your pattern is fleece, your solid will be flannel.
  2. Your second option is one of 29 patterned fleece as the primary side, with the solid of your choice in a flannel.
  3. They offer several traditional prints in cotton with the primary in flannel.
  4. You can choose one of *20 flannel solid colors *as your primary with a complimentary solid on the other side in fleece.
  5. There is an even larger selection for your primary color to be of a cotton fleece and the complementary color in flannel.
  6. For the same price you can get denim. Each Denim Weighted Blanket is custom made with Actual Denim Material on both sides.
  7. This is the only shop we've found so far that has ready to next day delivery hand made weighted blankets in five color choices for standard bed sizes! Dimensions: 75"L x 39"W (Twin Size starts at the same price of the $113.99), 75"L x 54"W (Full Size add $14), 80"L x 58"W (Queen Size add $26). All of the blankets for the bed are filled with the "highly recommended" glass beads at no additional cost and have flannel on one side and fleece on the other. Using the equally distributed glass beads, the Weights are 9lb (Twin Size), 12lb (Full Size), 14lb (Queen Size) and you can get them in solid navy, black, brown, burgundy or forest green.
  8. For institutions, hospitals, schools and those by choice, they offer the same next day delivery features in the Weighted Vinyl Blanket which comes in 3 different colors and is easy to clean by simply wiping it down with disinfectant wipes or a rag. The NEW *Weighted Vinyl Blanket *is still available in any weight from 4 pounds to 20 pounds. The NEW vinyl weighted blankets come in sizes small, medium and large and are available in any weight from 4 pounds to 20 pounds. The size and weight are related (so a 4 lb is offered in the small size) and based on the weight (in every pound from 4-20) they cost $74.99 to the largest and heaviest at 20 lbs for $168.99. These are often called "medical weighted blankets." However, they are also a great choice for patients who have low tolerance to germs and a low immune system- though the vinyl feel is definitely different than other materials.
  9. Finally you can get the various sizes in the Organic Weighted Blankets collection. They are made with your choice of our available colors of all natural fabrics. They are all filled with the higher end Glass Beads for the weight, which they recommend at the usual recommendation of approximately 10% of the the person using the blankets body weight. The Organic Weighted Blankets are made with the 100% Organic Cotton in the color of your choice on one side and 100% Organic Flannel in the matching color on the opposing side. You can indicate in the notes section at checkout that you would like it to be matched with one of the other Organic Fabric Color options.

In addition, they have weighted lap pads, animals, neck wraps, vest and belts in assorted materials. In other sensory items they specialize in a few areas: swings, balls for exercise, puzzles, 4 kinds of oral/chew series, and wooden floor items like scooters, stairs and balance beams.

The company has been run for 28 years, literally starting out of the garage of Doug's home where he grew up with a single educational toy. The decision to start their own company was made when Melissa and Doug went away to a bed and breakfast and decided that they wanted to start making educational toys for children- they started with one product that was sold out of the back of their station wagon. The married couple then had two children with Autism. They have since had a total of six children of their own. Their more diverse company is which sells over 2,000 products under their own handmade brand with a large team in a big office in Surprise, Arizona.

Sensory Hugs Washable Weighted Blankets by eSpecialNeeds

Sensory Hugs Washable Weighted Blankets are only available from Like others, they have a different construction and belief behind this construction. Here are the basics so you can compare to the others:

Comparison size: 41" x 60" This is a Large of sizes from xsmall, small, medium, large and xlarge

Weight: They take a heavier approach than many of the others at this size and offer it only in 15 lbs

Material: The outer material is a cotton flannel and the other outer material is a "soft, plush fleece". They believe that "Most other weighted blankets are made of fleece or other heavier fabric that become hot, sticky, and sweaty in warm months." One side of the outer material is a solid navy or a pattern navy or pattern pink (shown above). The other side is a solid lighter blue, a "celestial"" print in the pattern navy, and the coral color shown above. So they have only 3 options in the material- two in blues and one in pinks.

Construction: For many, the most significant pro-difference of their blankets from some others is that the Sensory Hugs have an inner lining that has dozens of self enclosed pockets of polypropylene pellets. With the combination of cotton outer flannel and fleece and the lightweight inner-lining, the site says that these are very breathable, an important attribute to a number of people when looking at weighted blankets.

Cost: At this size, the cost is $133.95 plus shipping (they only provide shipping cost when you are at checkout or you can telephone customer service for rush or international delivery and what the additional costs will be.)

Timing: Lead Time is 2 weeks with a possible extra week for X-Large. The regular delivery is FedEx Ground in the contiguous US only. Alaska and Hawaii are sent priority mail unless otherwise requested and paid accordingly. So if you are looking to meet a special day, you should comfortably allow yourself 3 weeks to one month from order to receipt.

Care: They are** hand wash** with a mild detergent and drip dry only. They emphasize to not wash or dry in a machine or iron.

Somerfly's "Sleep Tight" tm Weighted Blanket

Sommerfly has invented a patent pending weighted blanket also in a very different class than any of the other selections. They have a special curved neck around the top so you can easily wrap the blanket around you, and a very different construction of the blankets. Here is a list of their unique construction and features:

  • Innovative curved cut out portion at the top which allows the blanket to properly contour around the shoulders.
  • Currently in stock in both navy blue and buckskin tan corduroy and 100% cotton Blue Waves with Navy Blue on the other side.
  • Other fabric options are custom orders and may take 1 to 3 weeks to ship.
  • Weighted with PET pellets which have no BPA, Phthalate or Lead. Non-Toxic.
  • "Pocketed Construction" technique keeps pellets evenly distributed in their chambers, providing optimal weight coverage over the user.
  • Pellets are sewn into a cloth bag creating double protection and durability.
  • Made in the USA with 100% high quality soft cotton.
  • Double stitching for strength and maximum durability.
  • Special tabs on blankets to secure optional duvet covers.

Since they believe in much more weight per size than others that are available, the closest comparison would be the "large" which is L If the user weighs 71-140 lbs the company recommends a 54” x 72" blanket of 16 lbs for $240

Here is some evidence based information they provide on weight:
The AAP says carrying weight should not be more than 10% of a child’s body weight. This 10% guideline applies to weighted vests, backpacks and other items that are carried around. There is no research to support applying this 10% of body weight guideline to weighted blanket use. In fact, Tina Champagne, an Occupational Therapist, has conducted the ONLY studies on Weighted Blankets that we know of. Tina's research supports that blanket weights greater than 10% of the person's body weight is what is effective and preferred by most users! Sommerfly™ blankets are between 15% and 25% of a person’s body weight which is supported by the most current research on adults.

The Magic Blanket

The Magic Blanket comes in 5 fabric options (each comes in ten sizes from a scarf to a 24 lb largest. For pricing we are using the closest to the standard stated above and going with their 36" x 60" 10 lb.) They offer two sizes that come in a "light" version which is less than their standard. Their standard recommendations are higher than most sites, so you will want to consult with your OT or other health professional and also try with your child or parent or whomever may be using it. The "magic light" version is 42x78-inches and only 10 pounds, whereas their typical recommendations seem to go from about 10-20% (ish).

How are they made?
For weight they use plastic poly pellets.

They make it out of two layers. The inner liner is made from cotton and constructed with two panels that form the quilted squares. in which they place the poly pellets. They then cover the inner liner with the outer layer of the material and color you select.
There are no visible seams.
They use only the "highest quality fabric" and make them on heavy duty machines with industrial strength thread.

Blankets will take between one and two weeks to make before shipping.

Care: Magic Blankets made with fleece, cotton or flannel can be machine washed with cold water on the gentle cycle and dried on low heat in the dryer. The fleece will actually get even softer with each washing. The ultra soft chenille and minky blankets can also be machine washed with cold water and washed on regular cycle. But they recommend the chenille be line dried.

Each fabric comes "give or take" a dozen or so colors depending on the material.

Chenille - Enjoy the world's softest hug. Ultra soft with with a longer fiber than Minky, giving it a luxuriously plush feel. Machine wash. Air dry recommended. $139

Minky - Ultra soft hugs with a shorter fiber than Chenille, giving it a silky soft feel. Machine wash and machine dry. $139

Cotton - Cool, comforting and easy to care for. Machine wash and machine dry. $105

Fleece - Get warm and cozy with comforting hugs that last years and years. Machine wash and machine dry. $99

Custom - Want to mix and match fabrics -- for example, chenille and cotton, minky and chenille -- no problem. Want a different size and weight. No problem. Just click here and let us know what you're looking for, and we'll give you a quote and time frame for getting it done.

The company has been in business for 18 years and operates out of Valencia, CA.

Therapy Shoppe Weighted Blankets

The Therapy Shoppe has several different ways of making weighted blankets. All are filled with non-toxic, hypo-allergenic poly pellets.

This one shown is wipe-clean material that can be wiped down/sanitized on the spot with spray or wipes. 7 lb. is the 42"x56" size which can be purchased for $139.99.

The others are made with a quilt-design that features soft, plush fleece on one side and "comfy" cotton flannel on the other (some people love this material, others find it difficult for breathability).The 7 lb. 42"X56" Washable Weighted sells for $124.99.

A third is scented with self-regulating herbs and spices: lavender, peppermint, cinnamon, and cloves in a 20"x40" weighted blanket quilt for a mini-sized, multisensory throw for home, school, clinics, car trips, naps... anywhere! Made of an ultra-soft, velvety minkee material that's dotted with 100's of fluffy bumpies on one side, and snuggly flannel on the other. This 6.5 lb. scented weighted blanket quilt folds or rolls up for easy toting and storing. Comes in a pretty deep royal blue color. Surface washable. Sells for $49.99

They also offer deep pressure weighted animals, pressure pets, weighted lap pads, washable weighted blankets and vests, more.

Tumble Forms 2® Weighted Blanket

Patterson Medical makes the very highly available Tumble Forms 2 Blanket which is also called The "Sammons Preston" Tumble Forms 2- It's a registered patented blanket by Sammons Preston, Inc and is available at almost any medical supply company (thus they all accept medicaid, medicare, insurance, purchase orders, etc) and are also available at many online stores including Amazon by multiple vendors.

Do note, in our research, we found a number of two star ratings for this blanket, whereas all of the other blankets we researched were 4-5 stars consistently.

Size: This is only available in small and large, so at large it's 33" x 70"

Construction: The weight is done by sets of weights that are lead-free steel shot evenly distributed within a sewn nylon fabric casing. The weights are put into velcro closure pockets (5 pockets for the large). Note the difference in most of the others we have compared that distribute the weight in 5-6" pockets so you will have at least 75 pockets in all the other blankets but this one evenly distributing the weight compared to these at 5-6 pockets! The weights are sold separately in packages of four weights per package at the following weight and size:

  • 1/2 lb weights are 1" x 6" and about $23.20- $55.37 per set. (Note- medical supply companies that work directly with state disability organizations tend to be much higher priced for the same products as they bill insurance, versus if they are sold direct to customer- if your insurance covers it, then the cost may be an issue if you are in a state that has a set amount a patient can spend per year in medical supplies, or it may not be covered at all by private insurance, or some say that you need to include an additional statement of need from your physician for this type of product- see our other sites that explain more about disability and insurance, medicaid and medicare, social security and state agencies for this type of information explained.)
  • 1 lb weights are 1" x 12" and are about $26.45 per set
  • 2 lb weights are 1" x 18: and are about $38.10 per set.

To summarize, the most common printed large has 5 pockets so to get to ten lbs and to try to get it almost even (but not quite) , you would get one set of 4 2lb weights for $38 and a set of the 4 1/2 lb weights which would all be put next to each other in the same pocket (doesn't sound comfortable....) at $23 ish - that would get you 10 lbs for a little over $60 for the separate weights.

The price for the large weighted blanket is around $100, so you are probably realistically looking at the lower cost if you are paying yourself which will be around $160 plus if the store has shipping costs (most medical supply companies work directly with your medical team and do not have shipping costs.)

But SHOP AROUND if this is the weighted blanket that you really want or if you are not given a choice! As of the day of writing, had the blanket available in solid blue large at 36" x 72" with 6 weight slots for $132.04 plus 6 weights of 1-1/2 lbs each for a total of 9 lbs for $48.01. So your weight is more evenly distributed, and it is in a solid blue instead of the print above- but it is a total of $180.05 in a nylon material with blocks of weight and the feel of a line of velcro, and only one color option. Since, like many "medical supplies" this is the ONLY weighted blanket that is available at dozens of medical supply companies - if you are getting your items via disability, medicaid, medicare, etc- you may have no choice- an issue we discuss throughout all of our work. But if this is the one used at most institutions (hospitals, etc) - by personal stories, it's still quite a helpful item to have if it's this brand or none.

Materials- The blanket material is a stain-resistant, flame-retardant nylon material shell with a print pattern. The velcro tab runs along the end of the blankets. All of the photos of the product online are the one above- so it may be that this is the only color available. It appears to us without having tried the product that this is "old school" medical supply- sacrificing both function and beauty for the same costs (or higher) than much more beautiful and diverse options on the market that consider significant sensory issues like tags (versus this brand that has a line of velcro- a huge sensory alarm for some kids in particular). The nylon shell is certainly with the institution in mind over the luxury home.

Care: Washable in cold water.

Venessa's Blankets

There are so many options on Etsy for weighted blankets, that it could really go on through hundreds of shops. This one stuck out though because- well, while she offers many materials, this popcorn fleece is delicious just to look at. Her ratings are very high - over 110 five stars. The weights are the same poly pellets as most of the weighted blankets, but I looked at many pictures, and it's hard to see her seam lines. She also offers a fabulous weighted shawl with pockets for only $20. A ten pound weighted blanket in this material (which is much more than her others- by at least 20% because of the cost and work with the material) is $115.

Says the seamstress "My blankets are much loved and therefore the wait is longer then two weeks. I hope not to scare you off as my blankets are well made and worth the wait. There is a rush option if you don't want to wait that long. I understand how helpful these blankets are and work hard to get them out as fast as I can. - Venessa

The reviews again were super even though I haven't tried them for myself, with many customers coming back and ordering more. All of the materials, even those starting at $80 for a full blanket, offer fleece in the underside- so the price is much better than some of the others.


Vest Friends makes handmade, custom order Weighted Sensory Processing Products & Weighted Blankets of all sizes and styles. Hand sewn by Nancy Hillen- Owner, Seamstress, Designer, Mother & Wife. She has been sewing since 1979 and spent the mid 80's working as a seamstress for Pendleton Woolen Mills in Omaha NE. In 2009 she began making weighted items for Mercy Medical Pediatric Therapy, Carroll County MRDD, and Stark County MRDD, and now it appears to have the quality of a large store behind it.

Unlike most weighted sensory items, her blankets are less than the thickness of 2 quarters. She accomplishes this by her own created process: they use a coated steel pellet for weight; which allows heavy weight and thin profile. They DO NOT use fillers in their weighted blankets for several reasons. "One, filler would prevent the weighted blanket from breathing and cause the user to overheat. Second, because of our use of coated steel pellets, the blanket will conform to every part of the user’s body, including the face; using a filler could increase the risk of suffocation. We achieve weight with minimal volume in conjunction with our weighted blanket design, the pellets are rarely if ever felt."

They appear to have thought of everything that can matter to a user with Autism, ADHD, APD, Alzheimer's, pain management or more. There are no tags! She hand sews in the name of the person who uses the blanket, vest, weight lap or other item. They are super thin and she takes a lot of consideration into the *fabric choices * she offers- watching to make sure that nothing holds a lot of heat or is sensitive to the touch. An average blanket has over 600 squares quilted from top to bottom in order to prevent excess strain on the seams. All weight is secured by at least three different seams. Edges are top stitched for a complete finished look with the additional benefit of added strength and security of weight.

A custom large blanket 40"x60" is only $125 . You select the fabric, size, style and they are made to order.

While I have not seen the product directly, per research online, this entrepreneur seems to really understand the needs of her customers whom she identifies as including: USES: Autism, ADHD, ADD, Sensory Processing Disorders, Restless Leg Syndrome, Asperger Syndrome, Insomnia, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

She sells via Etsy and you can see more of her creations at her facebook page at:

Weighted Blankets Minnesota

You can not get any more personal of a custom blanket (at non-custom prices) than at Weighted Blankets of Minnesota. Every blanket is completely different. Basically, you tell them your dream for the material (most people seem to have gone with reversible, with different material and pattern on each side, and size, and any other notes- and it's custom made for you, literally. We put together a collage above to give you just a sample of the diversity in the finished products. Also note the amazing way she weights down regular clothing, so there is a Columbia jacket that she created into a weighted fashion. If it's total free range selection at a reasonable cost that is your primary goal, this would be your company.

Fabric: You pick your own fabric, or they will find discounted fabric for you. Cotton is most often used as it's durable and light-weight. But they will "gladly" accommodate any specific fabric requests and have used linen, flannel and fleece (which they say is less durable and therefore they add a lining.)

Construction: The blanket can be quilt-style or it can be a basic solid fabric. The blankets are made by sewing several small pockets in a grid which are filled with evenly distributed weight. Each out seam is double sewn for extra strength. Since you choose the fabric, if it's a "less durable fabric" she uses a lining.

Filling for Weight: Filled with just poly pellets or with poly pellets and polyfill for a fluffier weighted blanket. They say that the advantages of using poly pellets includes that they can be purchased in bulk for a lower cost, they are machine washable, and they do not attract rodents. They area also purchased locally in Minnesota.

Size: They range in size from toddler to adult. They also offer lap pillows and custom vests.

Care: Machine Washable

Cost: One of their major goals is to provide weighted products that provide comfort at "affordable prices". Weighted products start as low as $80. The size and weight we have been using as closely as possible would be their large- 38" x 60 " which comes in weight ranges from 12 lbs to 16 lbs. for $133- $143

Process: You fill out an order inquiry online that includes the size, weight, quantity, an open ended box for your to write about your fabric preferences including themes, colors, patterns, what kind of fabric, etc. You have the choice of picking up in their Minnetonka office or shipping. It's not addressed in the website, but it would be unreasonable to expect that this is the company you turn to if you need a two day turnaround time in weighted blanket. The owner literally hand selects fabrics to meet your needs before even making the first cut. So if speed if your number one concern, look at the larger companies that do mass production- in this case you don't always get what you pay for (her prices are much less, but what you wait for....)

"Since every person is unique, so is every blanket we make! Each product is completely customizable to ensure comfort."

About them: Jenny created the company on her own in June 2014, she now has support from a small team. You can see how her work is very different from some of the larger companies. She is an Early Childhood Special Education teacher in the Twin Cities area. She worked with several children who have used weighted products and have seen how some children respond very well. She had learned to sew at a young age through 4-H and her grandmother. Now, she enjoys sewing as a hobby. The best part of making blankets to her "is hearing each individual's unique story and collaborating to find the perfect fabric to make a customized blanket."

Additional contributers at Weighted Blankets MN, LLC include:
Business Strategist, John
Graphic Designer, Kimberly
Communications Specialist, Liz
Sewing Artist, Katie

Weighted Blankets Plus

Unlike some other weighted blanket enthusiasts who talk about the help of weighted blankets for disease or diagnosis, the Weighted Blankets Plus company focuses all on luxury and how much better you can sleep when "The soft fabric and warming pressure offers the best hug ever. Cuddle up and get cozy with a Weighted Blanket from Weighted Blankets, today!" And the only products this company sells are weighted blankets are related weighted items. Period.

Weighted Blankets Plus' mission is "to provide every person alive with a level of comfort they have never experienced before by offering a night of comfortable and uninterrupted sleep." Finally, to get a feel for this company that works out of the same town in Arizona, Surprise, as another of this list member Sensory Goods- just a zipcode away, (although we will look into whether there is a connection between the two companies because they are also designed the same way....) "Weighted Blankets Plus offers the most innovative organic sleeping aid which provides relaxation and comfort at any time of the day."

As another differentiator, they have free shipping and ship the next business day on all products


  • Like Sensory Goods, One side is a selection of one of over 40 solid Fleece/Flannel Fabric (Unless specified as Cotton) and the other a complementary color and opposite fabric material- the primary side come in all solids of cotton or fleece, upscale patterns in fleece, or the similar or the same patented character prints, or denim. For the 10 lb comparison we're using, these are all $117.99
  • The ten lb medical vinyl blankets are the same size and come in 3 colors at $146.99
  • The bed size blankets come in 3 colors and are available in twin 8.25 lbs for $107.99, full 11 lbs for $129.99, and queen 13 lbs for $149.99
  • Weighted with Glass Beads a refined, sand-like material. (Plastic Pellets are available upon request)
  • Washer/Dryer Safe
  • Dimensions: 58"L x 42"W for comparison, though available in a smaller and a larger size.
  • Suggested Weight: 10% of the body weight plus 1 pound

Additional items offered

Weighted Neck Wraps - 5 lb $46.99
Lap pads built exactly the same as the blankets (from materials to construction) in Small, Medium and Large. The medium lap pad is 19.5"L x 14.5"W for $40.99 and weighs 5 lbs

They offer six very cute "Cuddle Buddies" (e.g. weighted stuffed animals) with the following specifications:

  • Made with Polyester material for Extra Comfort
  • Weighted with Glass Beads (Refined, Sand-like Material)
  • Stuffed animals have embroidered eyes and patches
  • Stuffed animals have floppy ears, arms, and legs
  • Height: 18"
  • Weight: 2lb.
Weight On Me Weighted Blankets - Affordable Weighted Blankets

You literally have your choice among thousands of options for these layered weighted blankets by Weight On Me Blankets (TM)

Type of weight: FDA Approved, Non-Toxic Hypo-Allergenic Poly Pellets. Glass beads available upon request at an additional charge. Pellet blankets Machine

Care: Washable cold in home machine (extra heavy blankets may require industrial size machines.) Tumble dry low. Do not iron or dry clean.


  • No seams on flannel backed side
  • Can have a sensory quilted side on front
  • Created using the layering system shown above with liners on both inner sides of the poly pellet layer
  • They do NOT use additional fillers like some other companies do. From their viewpoint,
  • Thin

Size and pricing: (average for comparison is as close to 38"x60" blankets at about 10 lbs of filling) They offer weighted animals, wraps, lap pads, blankets and specialty blankets in many sizes (3-5 each kind) and weights and materials. Since they have a twin that's close to the comparison size, we're using that- it fits a twin size bed at 42" x 72". For weights of 6-13 lbs the price is $129.95 with free shipping in the U.S.. They also offer the same size in a "heavy hug" which is 14-19 lbs at $169.95 and an x-heavy hug of 20-25 lbs at 199.95. As a specialty they offer i-spy and i-feel touch and a combination package of a twin hug and bonus weighted animal up to 12 lbs total for $194.95.

Time and shipping:
They offer a handful of child themed blankets pre-made and ready to ship. We weren't able to find information yet on time from regular order to delivery.

Types of fabrics front and back:

  • Only 100% Naturally Grown Cotton Fabrics. No Synthetic Fabrics are Used in their Standard Blankets.
  • Chose cotton because in their opinion, "it is the safest, the coolest, and most breathable fabric"
  • Backing of standard blankets is "super soft and cozy flannels." For those who do not care for the soft flannel, they offer woven cotton options.
  • They offer a wide variety of cottons, to include standard woven, twill, chenille, flannel and more

They offer many kinds of the front fabric in the following categories and even provide recommendations on co-ordinating color options for the back flannel side:

  • Child size panel blankets are 36x43" and are recommended for five and under. They are a one panel on the front side of a print like a Curious George poster, etc.
  • ABCs, 123s, Puzzles and School
  • Animals: Birds, Fish, Bugs, Sea life, Zoos, Farm Animals, dinosaurs, reptiles, etc.
  • Art, Music and Dance
  • Favorite Characters
  • Superheroes and Comics
  • Fire, Police, 911, Construction, Airplanes, Boats
  • Sports, Activities, Autos and Racing
  • Military and Colorful Camo
  • Patterns and Solids: Stripes, Chevron Zig-Zags & Lines; Dots, Doodles, Curves, Swirls & Stars; Florals, Trees, Leaves & Vines; Batiks; Plaid, Check, Argyle, & Houndstooth; Solids and Tonals
  • Miscellaneous Prints
  • Denim, Duckcloth, Corduroy, and Heavier Fabrics

Some important points they share that aren't often shared:

  • No one should EVER be forced to use a weight product, or wrapped/swaddled in one.
  • Weighted blankets should never be used over someones' head and/or face area.
  • Do not use on infants under 3 months of age ever, or on infants under one year without consulting with your physician.
  • Recommended weight is pretty standard: 10% of body weight plus one lb.
  • Do not ever place products with poly pellets in the Microwave Oven as they could cause serious burns or a fire. Also heat such as the oven or direct heat from sources such as an iron will cause damage. If you would like to warm your blanket, they recommend: Placing it in the clothes dryer for 10-20 minutes as the ONLY way to warm it.

Interesting fact about company:

  • Started making them in 2012 when their son went on a mission trip to the Appalachian Mountains and they made 50 weighted blankets to send with him, he then called back and asked for 50 more.

They offer so many sizes and weights that they even provide an easy to find pricing guide photo on their site.