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GAwards: Best Consumer Facing Use of Gamification

This list is from 2012, but you can SAVE $50 on tickets to GSummit SF 2013 with code GAWARD2013 -- just visit Nominate and/or vote on your favorite consumer facing use of gamification. Once nominated, other users can vote on their favorites. We'll be announcing the awards at the Gamification Summit this June 19-21 in San Francisco.

Samsung Nation @samsungtweets

Samsung Nation is a gamified loyalty program featured on This program rewards community members who engage with content on the main website for Samsung US. There, you'll find product and support information for our TVs, mobile phones, video & audios, computers and related products, various home appliance products, core components that make other products better, and of course, information about Samsung.


mplifyr is unique software platform that provides rewards and benefits to individuals, businesses, schools, charities and non-profit organizations using gamification.

Individuals can earn points and credits by purchasing or interacting with businesses or they can also earn by doing positive acts.

Individuals are ranked on our Rankings Page according to the number of credits they earn from purchasing or doing positive acts. They can compete with others globally on the platform and everyone can see this on the main Rankings page. They can gain status badges and even obtain a portion of our Pile O’ Cash every random rewards session.

Each time a business purchases reward points from mplifyr to give to their customers who purchase or interact with them, a proportion of that purchase is attributed to the Pile O’ Cash and businesses are ranked based on the amount they contribute to the Pile O’ Cash.

The top ranked businesses can obtain status levels that give them benefits and their ranking also gives them visibility outside of traditional marketing and helps to positively brand their business, as they support positive action from individuals by funding the Pile O' Cash.

mplifyr is launching mid 2012.

@pepsico Pepsi Sound Off

Pepsi SoundOff is a community site for viewers of Pepsi-sponsored TV shows that provides users with a co-viewing experience while shows are airing on TV. By leveraging Gigya's Social Gamification Platform, users are easily able to accrue points and "caps" (badges) as they earn rankingas like "Rookie" and "Veteran". Pepsi's implementation ties in with several other Gigya products including Social Login, Share and Comments, allowing Pepsi to easily reward users for driving traffic and engagement to the site. The site has seen incredible amounts of engagement, logins, comments and sharing as users share their reactions to Pepsi-sponsored programming such as The X-Factor, The SuperBowl and The Grammy's.

Club Psych @Psych_USA - Psych TV Series - @USA_Network

USA Networks "gamified" the popular Club Psych website- one of the first networks to create a fully-gamified experience. Fans register through the Club Psych website and earn points by watching videos, reposting content, playing games and browsing photo galleries. In addition, fans also earn points via an integrated iPhone application called "Psych Vision" that rewards them for checking in before, during, or after the show, and for entering secret keywords announced during the broadcast. Points can be redeemed for real-world mugs, character bobbleheads and other cool merchandise.


Brought to you by Funbox Media Ltd.

TweetDAQ, available on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, charts Twitter activity and progress on Twitter so you, and your peers, can really find out how good you are!

As a casual user, TweetDAQ will add endless fun to Twitter use, and for the addict turned pro, TweetDAQ provides stats to enable a real understanding of progress achieved.

When TweetDAQ is launched it retrieves Twitter statistics from the previous 24 hours and adds this to current totals obtained in the last week. Bronze, silver, gold and platinum badges are awarded for a range of criteria including; New Followers, New Tweets and your Sphere of Influence.

TweetDAQ has Game Centre integration to show who’s bossing Twitter! TweetDAQ is the ideal companion to any Twitter account, providing extra entertainment and performance ratings for the casual Tweeter to the Twitter addict alike.

Plyfe rewards users for their digital, social, and mobile activities with real world prizes and money can not buy experiences.

Your tweets are 140 characters of radness. Likes on your status updates have crashed Internet access in small countries. You’re kind of a big deal. And you bet, we couldn’t agree more.

That’s why we made plyfe—to reward peeps like you, folks who make social networks something actually worth sharing.

Now every tweet, post and update earn you points. And those translate into some serious free swag. We’re talking behind the velvet rope kinda perks. Not too shabby for just doing what you already do.

So get a move on. Play games, update your status, keep sharing your awesomeness with the world and plyfe will keep hooking you…24/7.

Top Chef Fan Favorite - Bravo TV Official Site

The Top Chef Texas "Fan Favorite" game lets players select their favorite Chef and join that Chef's team. Players earn points for themselves - and their favorite Chef - by watching Top Chef Texas videos, reading blog posts, and participating in the Tweet Battle. Live voting by text, online or phone also helps earn points for players and their selected Chef. Points help boost their Chef towards the $10,000 Fan Favorite prize. Points are also used to stock up on virtual goods for virtual kitchens as well as towards entries in the grand prize giveaway - a Texas Foodie Tour. Each week includes new challenges to advance your favorite Chef and earn more points for your own account.

Ford Escape Routes @ford

Ford Escape Routes is a new interactive reality series featuring a cast of six teams of two, participating in a unique road trip competition with real-world challenges.

However, unlike other reality adventure shows, at-home viewers across the country can participate in real-time via, to help their favorite Escape Routes team win. Viewers impact the outcome of the show through playing and winning on their team’s behalf through the interactive challenges and games online. Team Detroit (TDI) and Rokkan came up with the innovative vision for the online experience, and turned to Badgeville to power its transmedia gamification program.

sneakpeeq | Style, Home and Gourmet Food Discoveries You'll Love

Sneakpeeq is an innovative flash deal community, where shoppers earn peeqs at deals by engaging with the site and earning badges. Discover emerging artists, designers, and gourmet food makers. When you shop on sneakpeeq, there's something new to love every day. Peeq, share, and invite friends, and you could unlock personal rewards and save over 70%.

@iVillage - NBC's Health, Beauty, Pregnancy, Entertainment, Women's Community and More -

iVillage - the daily destination for women, with an active women's community, horoscopes, health and pregnancy information, message boards and blogs, celebrity gossip, beauty and more. The company launched a gamification program with Badgeville to reward readers and commenters for their engagement.

@lmfao -Universal Music -- Interscope Records

Universal Music partnered with Badgeville to launch a modern loyalty program on many of its Interscope Records artist properties, including, Greyson Chance, and last year's American Idol winners. The program focuses on rewarding users for loyalty, such as sharing links, commenting, and visiting the artist's fan site.

LevelUp for Photoshop - play and win Adobe Master Collection

LevelUp for Photoshop is a game of missions — and points and rewards — that guide you along the way of learning basic Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 software skills. If you are a photographer and are just starting to use Photoshop, this is the game for you.

MTV Europe Music Awards | @mtv @mtvnews

MTV and Bunchball transformed the MTV Europe Music Awards site from a simple content site to an engaging "MegaFan Competition" across 32 subdomains in 20 different languages. Results: The televised awards were complemented by activity online – EMA-related page views on MTV's UK website were up 530% year-on-year to nearly 500,000 – and in MTV's mobile and tablet apps, with downloads up 159% year-on-year.

Wall Street Survivor

Stock game provides virtual online trading of the stock market. Manage $100,000 with paper trading while competing for Cash Prizes using our stock market game. A great way to learn about the stock market.

Big Brother Sweden

For the upcoming second season of “Big Brother,” Swedish television network, TV4, wanted to drive more traffic to their website during the show. The team at TV4 chose to add gamification elements to one of the network’s most popular shows, “Big Brother” Sweden. The show is much like the U.S. counterpart; a group of people live together in a house and their actions are captured 24 hours a day for the show.

“Big Brother” already had a very strong, social following after the first season, so the TV4 team wanted to channel that online activity into a social and engaging experience on the Big Brother website. The TV4 Group worked with BigDoor to create their “Superfans Rewards Program.” The Superfan program encourages visitors to interact with content through viewing, commenting on video clips, participating in polls and commenting on blog posts.




More than 5 million baseball fans engaged’s Badge Rewards Program during the 2011 season.

Entropia Universe on Facebook | Facebook

The Entropia League of Planets is a social media application driving player acquisition for the Entropia Universe MMO. The app is built on Socialtype's Bamboo platform. It ties loyalty, referral and acquisition into a seamless package to drive both physical and virtual traffic.

@GameMaki - Your life is a game!

GameMaki is a white-label marketing platform for marketers to increase the engagement with real world challenges, such as “a photo of you wearing green to Starbucks” or “balance a can of coke on your head”.

Anyone can claim these fun, social challenges anytime, anywhere, for bragging rights, points and virtual items that can become discounts or giveaways. Coupled with game dynamics such as team plays and leader boards, these fun, social challenges not only enable consumers to interact with the brands, but also amongst each other. Available on web, mobile and facebook pages, GameMaki is the future of gamification marketing.

MOGL - Eat out. Cash in.

MOGL is the game that hooks you up when you visit your favorite restaurants and businesses. It is the first customer loyalty program of its kind to leverage psychology, technology and clever game mechanics (rather than coupons, ID cards, punch cards or QR codes) to offer a fun and engaging platform that rewards consumers for their loyalty! MOGL's three-pronged approach to rewarding consumers includes: 10 percent cash back every time they eat out at participating restaurants, the ability to compete to become the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place customer at each venue and win a monthly jackpot cash prize, and the ability to automatically donate a meal to a person in need every time they spend $20.

Welcome to Streamzoo

Photosharing meets social gaming! upload a photo, give some likes, get some ... BORING!! upload photo, get points, climb up the leaderboard, unlock exciting badges ... FUN!!

ShortBurst Sports · Make picks, win prizes

ShortBurst Sports is the place to make sports picks, win prizes and get exclusive access to cool stuff.

Diet Mountain Dew | Dew Crew (Dale Jr.) Social Loyalty Application

The Diet Mountain Dew (PepsiCo) - Dew Crew (Dale Jr.) social loyalty application connects Diet Mountain Dew fans along with renowned NASCAR icon Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Upon joining the Dew Crew, members help make real world decisions that are put into action both on and off the NASCAR track. 42 Terabytes architected and deployed the Dew Crew social rewards and loyalty program for PepsiCo on the Manumatix Bamboo platform.

HighScore House!

HighScore House is an online game designed to gamify household chores and communication between parents and children. Parents set goals for children to do in the household. HighScore House gives a framework for the child to keep track of goals and redeem completed tasks for points. Points can then be redeemed for real prizes like sitting in the front seat or being able to eat ice cream for breakfast.


LevelUp is the better way to pay. Save money the first time you try a place. Save money whenever you go back. And, save time, by paying with your phone.


Location-based service, rewarding users for checkins