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6 Useful Bangkok tips – Prepare yourself for tropical Thailand

Thailand has been one of the most sought after travel destinations for the past few years and here are 6 useful tips to remember on your trip to Bangkok.


Bring insect repellent

Mosquitoes and other insects are the cause for many different illnesses in the tropical countries and there are several illnesses such as Dengue which do not have an antivirus that can help cure the disease. As much as a visit to Thailand can be life changing you should also look out for your safety so it is always best to carry an insect repellent with you during the trip. If you were unable to bring one you can easily get your hands on a spray anywhere in Bangkok and you can apply is twice a day.


Remember to carry cash.

Apart from the lavish restaurants such as AVANI Atrium Bangkok, the high-end shopping malls and restaurants most of the other locations will not accept cards on behalf of products and services. Especially for travelling and street food you will need to carry cash along with you so that your days will be much easier and less stressful. There are card machines located in many public places but if you have dollars that need to be exchanged you can visit shops or banks that will do the needful for you.


Have multiple forms of identification

If you are staying at a five-star hotel in Bangkok then you need not worry about the safety of your goods or any valuables that you are leaving behind in your hotel room as these are hotels that have security systems in place and trained staff working full time around the clock. It is best to carry your original passport along with you but make sure to have some copies behind at the hotel room so you will have another set of documents for identification when required.


Be mindful of street food

You will be missing out on the full experience of Thailand and Bangkok if you do not indulge in any of the street food, but this said it is also very important to look out for what street food you do eat. Thailand is well renowned for the beautiful flavours that are brought together by the sides of the roads in the bustling city but there is a question of the cleanliness of the process and the ingredients when it comes to the street food. It is best to be on the watch out and be mindful when deciding which stalls to eat from and which stalls to steer clear from.


Drinking bottled water

In Thailand even the locals refrain from drinking the water from the faucets. The water does not taste different but it is advised to carry bottled water and only drink from reputed locations if it is not bottled water. Five star hotels provide one bottle each on complementary basis to the guests on a daily basis but you can purchase bottled water from any of the shops along the roads as and when you require.


Be mindful of theft

Cross body bags are the secret to an easy and stress less trip in Bangkok. Even if you are travelling in a group and the chance is less for you to get robbed depending on the locations you are visiting it is best to have a cross body bag with you or a pouch that can be fastened along your waist so you can put all your valuables in that.

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