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Updated by Joanna James on Jan 26, 2020
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Top 5 sports in Koh Samui - The water-based wonders

A holiday in Koh Samui is definitely not complete if you do not take part in at least a few water sport activities while you are there. Here is the list of best water sports activities you can take partake in.


Snorkelling and diving

The beaches in this part of the country are known for being some of the best spots on earth to go diving and snorkelling in. If you are staying at a Samui beach resort the likes of Anantara Lawana Koh Samui Resort you will be able to even hire diving equipment from them itself or the helpdesk will definitely be happy to guide you to the best water sports activity centre in the area. The feeling of looking at the world underwater and at the marine life as they go about their day is truly a memory and experience you will never forget. You will be able to get a basic certification before you get into the water and this certification can be obtained at any one of the driving schools or sports centres in town. Since the certification is recognised internationally you can use it on beach vacations in the future too.


Deep-sea fishing

If thoughts of fishing instantly calm you and work like magic then you definitely must spend at least a day trying your hand at deep-sea fishing. You will have the privilege to some big game fish in the deeper waters around the area and your fishing guide will take you the best spots. Equipment likes the bait and other things you might need to go fishing can be rented from the guide or any water sports activity centre. If you do not want to go in groups for this fishing tour, you can just take along the guide and get your own boat.



Definitely a humbling water sports experience, kayaking is the best thing for you if you like to go solo and explore the waters around Koh Samui. You can always pair up and go double kayaking but it is highly recommended to going solo and spending some time alone with just nature. There is no better feeling on earth like the one you will get while you are out alone in the waters of Koh Samui. Kayaking is quite an easy water sport activity and requires minimal fitness levels and very little training. You can take your time and leisurely paddle away at your own speed to your favourite corner. Each kayaking excursion usually lasts for about an hour or more.


Charter boats

For the ultimate luxury travel experience during your holiday in Koh Samui, all you have to do is hire a private boat and cruise all day long. This would be an extremely romantic way to spend a day with your loved one as you will be far away from all land and have complete and utmost privacy. This boat will also drop you off at a private island with a picnic basket at your request.


Private Island picnics

As stated earlier, there are boats that will take you to the private islands around Koh Samui where you can spend a day with your loved one, with complete privacy and no one else around.