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Top 7 places to visit in Surat Thani – A place to stay close to nature

Towards the southern lands of Bangkok is a distinctive Thai city known as Surat Thani. This city is placed by the banks of the River Tapi on the Gulf of Thailand. Known as "the city of good people", it is a beautiful place with much to explore. Here are a few places to visit.


Ang Thong National Marine Park

Within the borders of this National Park are 40 islands as well. Quaint limestone cliffs, awe-inspiring limestone formations and karst landscape with hidden caves are what the place is all about. Adding to the beauty of the place are the pristine beaches of beige sand and shallow blue waters. One can even snorkel here for a great experience. The name Ang Thong means golden bowl, and indeed it is as precious with a diverse ecosystem here.


Surat Thani city pillar shrine

Decorated in white to give the edifice an almost heavenly look, the Surat Thani pillar is said to be a resting place for the city's ancestors. A number of locals still visit this place with offerings to the dead. The pillar looks wonderful on both the outside and the inside. Keep in mind that this is a religious place that is highly venerated. Therefore, dressing in modest attire is recommended.


Cheow Lan Dam

Surat Thani is a place dedicated to nature and all the treasure that comes with it. Cheow Lan Dam is yet another national park that shelters exotic wildlife. Tigers, tapirs, elephants and several species of monkeys can be found here. Reptiles like snakes and lizards also roam about among the greenery here.


Koh Samui

The island of Koh Samui is within the boundaries of the Sarut Thani province and is a much-loved holiday destination in Thailand. Therefore, the place is a must-visit! With fine beaches and nightlife, Koh Samui is everything fun and heavenly. There are amazing places to stay and even great Chaweng restaurants the likes of Tree Tops Restaurant to dine in for a taste of local delicacies.


Wat Phra Borommathat Chaiya

Where religious and historic sites are concerned, Thailand never disappoints! This temple was one that was built during the rule of Srivijaya. The chedi has been constructed along the lines of Javanese style architecture. It used to be one of the most important places in the 8th century. Now, Wat Phra Borommathat Chaiya is a monument that is protected as a wonderful piece of history. A visit is definitely worth it.


Limestone Lake Forest

If you need a bit of adventure, then the Limestone Lake Forest is the place to be. A brilliant variety of vegetation's and wildlife can be seen here. You can indulge in activities like hiking, canoeing, elephant trekking, river rafting and more.


Sonchana farm and elephant sanctuary

Yet another place dedicated to nature, here the locals grow their own crops as food. Not to mention, the elephants in the region are taken care of by the locals as well. Check on tours to visit and observe a different side to local life here.