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Interesting Facts about Thailand – Knowing the unknown matters

What is Thailand best known for? You may then think about its beaches, markets, street food stalls, shopping malls, and so on, but in reality, Thailand is so much more! There are many fun, yet real facts about this destination, and here are just a few of them.


Europeans never had power over Thailand

Thailand is called 'Prahet Thai' in their local language, which means the 'land of the Free'. Yes, it really is! Thailand is the only country in South-East Asia that was never colonized under the power of Europeans. Not many countries in this whole world were clever enough to escape the European rule, and this is really a great victory.


They have a festival dedicated to monkeys

Are you planning to travel to Thailand in the month of November? Then try to make a direct hotel booking at a property in the province of Lopburi to experience a festival that's entirely dedicated to monkeys in Thailand. This festival takes place in front of the Pra Prang Sam Yot Temple, and it's a buffet for monkeys for real. The menu has rice, fruits, salads, sausages, and even ice cream. Locals believe that by doing this, they will attract good luck and prosperity.


Every man was once a monk

During your stay at one of the Maitria Hotels & Residences in Thailand, did you note that the country mostly follows the Buddhist philosophy? Thailand is a Buddhist country, and back in the days, every man became a Buddhist monk at least for a short period of his life. This was not a rule in the country, but a custom that the locals followed. Many kings and princes followed the same custom, however, traditions have changed now with the time, and there are only a very few monks nowadays.


You can't touch anyone's head when you are there

In Thailand, the most significant part of the body is considered to be the head. So, make sure you don't touch any one's head when you are there, and this includes the head of a child too. Thai community always keep their heads lower than the head of their superior or an elderly person, and the reason is their head theory. The same theory goes with the feet, and they consider the feet to be the least important part of their bodies. This is the reason why you can't point your feet towards the Buddha statue when you are worshiping at a Thai temple.


Thailand invented Red Bull

No matter where you are from, you must have heard of 'Red Bull' –the energy drink. Thailand is the birthplace of this concept. Before Red Bull, the locals had got accustomed to a drink called 'Krating Daeng' which was a sweet, non-carbonated energy drink and Red Bull can be called an improved version of the same drink. This happened in 1987 and the whole world accepted this improved version with a lot of enthusiasm.