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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 30, 2020
Headline for Top Post-COVID-19 Travel Tips – The New Normal of Travelling Safe
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Top Post-COVID-19 Travel Tips – The New Normal of Travelling Safe

As travel restrictions due to COVID-19 begin to ease, you may be tempted to head out once more on trips. Of course, before you do so, you need to keep in mind certain things; be it being informed, choice of destination, hotel safety or health and hygiene guidelines there is much to consider.


Stay Informed

With news and updates regarding COVID-19 changing from day to day, it is vital that you monitor the situation closely and stay informed. This can include everything from travel advisories and infection rates to hotel health and safety protocols and restrictions for international travellers. Remember to acquire the information from credible news sources with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and official government websites being among the best options.


Choose Safe Destinations

When it comes to destinations, find those that are comparatively safe with fewer cases and a decreased rate of infection. This can be places in your home country or abroad. Consider if there are any travel restrictions on flights from your country to the destination of choice and vice versa. Also think about what you are going to do during the trip, what activities are available and which attractions are accessible during this time.


Find a Suitable Hotel

Finding suitable accommodation during post-COVID-19 travel means a place to stay at that follows hotel cleanliness and safety measures in keeping with the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines. Some properties have also adopted enhanced cleaning and hygiene protocols with Pan Pacific Cares initiated by the Pan Pacific Hotels Group amongst the current examples worth noting. Featuring the highest levels of hotel cleaning standards and infection prevention solutions, such initiatives offer a safer and more memorable stay.


Ensure Your Safety

Before, while and after your travels, it is paramount that you follow proper health and hygiene guidelines too. Many of these practices are worth following in general too such as washing your hands frequently for a minimum of 20 seconds. Also, remember to wear an effective face mask; some are for short-term use, while others can be washed and used for longer. Carry around hand sanitiser that has more than 60% alcohol and maintain social distancing from others as well.


Be Aware of Medical Facilities

This is especially true when it comes to visiting a foreign country since you may not be aware of where the nearest medical facilities are located. In case of an emergency be it related to COVID-19 or any other medical need, you should know where to go to or even who to contact. It would also be good to have an idea of how such medical facilities operate in a particular country including if they accept foreign insurance.


Seek Treatment if Needed

In case you begin to show symptoms of the COVID-19 virus do not hesitate to immediately go and get yourself checked / tested. It is always better to be safe than sorry and the sooner you receive medical attention the faster you will be able to either be cleared or be quarantined and receive treatment; this puts others out of risk too. Whatever happens, remember to not panic, make a plan and keep your loved ones informed too.